Vancouver Movers

Vancouver is a coastal harbor city in British Columbia, Canada and it was established in 1886. The city is the 3rd largest metropolitan area in Canada with a population of 2,116,581 according to the 2006 Census results. Given the large population and the fact that residents enjoy a high standard of living, it follows that there are many Vancouver movers in and around the city. Although services offered by moving services vary from one company to the next, there are services that you should expect from all moving services. It is important that you understand the different services that such movers offer as this will help you make an informed decision.

Vancouver movers offer truck rental services. However, some services outsource this service for you. The service should be in a position to cranes and other heavy moving equipment because some apartments are on higher floors where some bulky items such as pianos, furniture, and heavy appliances cannot be moved through stairways.

Moving companies in Vancouver should be in a position to offer packing and unpacking services. Although it is possible to perform this task yourself, enlisting the services of a pro is advantageous in that such pros have the necessary training and materials to ensure that risk of damaged is eradicated and that the packing is done in such a way that the unpacking will not be a hustle. These services also offer loading and offloading services, thereby giving you unparalleled convenience.

Another service to expect from Vancouver movers is auto-shipping service. This service is important because it is sometimes not possible to drive your car to the new residence for varying reasons. The service will pick up the car and ensure that it is on your drive way when you reach your destination. Another important service that the mover should provide is storage service. This is an important service if you cannot move into the new home immediately such as if the new home is being repaired.

The mover will offer an insurance cover against the physical damage and the theft of the cargo in transit. Yet another service to expect from Vancouver movers services is facilitation of long distance moves. This is achieved by the mover taking everything to the airport or the port and the mover liaising with moving companies in your destination to pick everything up and take it to your destination. Yet another service to expect is advice on how to make the moving process as easy as hustle-free and as cheap as possible. These companies also offer piano moving services and office moving services.